Four reasons to work with us

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Soon enough you will stop reading and scroll down. Perhaps glance at a headline or two. That's great since we might be strangers, still.

The right way forward for omni-channel commerce starts with us. We help you establish and execute on a digital strategy that carves the way for Storyshopping, so that you get ahead of the game for years to come.

Tell a great story. Embellish it with your culture, enrich it with a social fan base, become authentic. Reward engagement, become credible. Aspire everywhere, people will live the story.

We believe that captivated consumers make sales soar through brand advocacy. As brand custodians, they tend to stick around for a long time, too.

That's our approach in a nutshell. Anyway, swipe away to read four excellent reasons to work with us.

“The world is a place of wonder and we are dedicated to make it even more spectacular.”
Reason One

1.We help you talk to shoppers in a whole new way

We make forward-thinking shopping experiences with that sought-after wow factor. Be it for the web, apps or the next generation of connected devices. With Storyshopping, we give customers reasons to connect with you and turn into loyal shoppers. Having done large-scale ecom projects for global brands like Oakley, The North Face, and Peak Performance to mention a few, puts us in pole position, eager to humbly guide you to your next success.

Reason Two

2. Amazing design for sports, nature and lifestyle clients

It’s no secret we are attracting clients from the sports, outdoors and lifestyle industries. This is where we excel and where we belong. Because we are skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, runners and explorers. We value adventurous cultures. Inspired by such activities, Detonate shapes beautiful shopping destinations with ground-breaking solutions rooted in love for the human mind. Doing so enables us to create connected moments that help our clients lead the charge in an ever changing world.

Reason Three

3. We deliver what you don't know yet

We are born in the digital age. Like children of the light, we take on the world with wide open eyes and big ears: eager to learn, hungry to ask, determined to challenge, set out to change. With infinite outlooks, we transform shopping to transcend digital and analog borders. Creativity knows no bounds. We are visionaries, set out to create meaningful solutions that generate buzz and cash for our clients. Many successful projects in our backpocket prove that we are doing it right.

Reason Four

4. A new breed of agency. Inspired by nature.

While our headquarters in Stockholm may be static, our organization is not. Our business is being run in an intuitive fashion with virtual hubs and free agents spread out on three continents. You’ll find us on the west coast in LA and SF, in greater London, Stockholm and down under in Sydney. That gets us closer to pulse of the world, and offers freedom for our people to live and work from virtually anywhere. Wanderlust, salute.

What it means hiring us

Everyone is
at detonate

Beyond the ordinary with discoveries, workshops, presentations, iterations and collaborations, we are a new breed of agency. We don’t chase quarterly results, our approval simply comes from doing awesome projects.

We are set out to make today count. So we cross borders, push boundaries and challenge preconceptions. Deeply rooted inside us, is a need to be good and try the new.

Instead of printing some catchy values on a poster, we live by them. And we’re working with brands that share the same set of core beliefs. Perhaps that’s why our core clients are sports, outdoor and lifestyle oriented. Or a disrupting startup. We just love meeting new, smart and inspiring people. When our values cross paths with a brand and the people of that organization, we partner up and do wonders together. Else, we walk. And that’s okay, too.

Working with us means you’ll be working with a senior team of all hands-on peple. So you’ll know that your money is directly translated into meaningful deliverables. Everyone of us brings reliable, confident track-records from strategy, design, innovation and ecom.