The technical landscape may look intimidating to most. But it's not.

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The future of omni-channel is about managing organizations to work towards meaningful strategies; putting the right people in place; and making sure that they have the right tools to build great experiences. So it’s less about ecommerce platforms (which are very competent these days) — it’s about having the right people behind the wheel, and the process to support them.

How your organization is set up to handle a plethora of widgets can be the difference between success and failure. From automation, AI, targeting, a/b testing, content management, to SEO, you need an alert organization willing to try the new, bold enough to fail only to rise again for success. That’s why the path to amazing ecommerce starts in your own backyard.

“The next big thing is to use AI to make the experience truly personalized”

There’s a growing number of vendors out there, all with incredible case studies that prove everything from increased conversion to social media supremacy. In the next few years, we’ll see tools that bring AI into the customer journey and that can personalize navigation and automize choice.

Whether you have already selected a platform and are looking for a design partner, or need help evaluating new widgets for social, marketing and commerce, we can help. Unlike many others, we have worked with a wide array of ecom providers and implementation partners, putting us in pole position for creating shopping experiences with a healthy doze of branding, marketing and content.

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The right tools
The sheer amount of widgets used for ecommerce has grown dramatically over the years, providing better experiences but also longer load times. How do you handle that?
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